A mandoline slices and juliennes food quickly with utter precision. The uniformity of slices is as valuable as the time savings—and not just for plated presentation. When cuts are uneven, so is the cooking. For a mandoline to be truly useful in a home kitchen, it also must be easy to set up, and clean. Given that you are working with extremely sharp blades, it must also be as safe to use as it is efficient.

The OXO Simple Mandoline Slicer is extremely easy and safe to use. With it’s patented mechanism design, a simple tab slides to easily adjust between three slice thickness settings, julienne setting, and storage setting. No blade changes necessary. A spring-loaded holder pushes food for even slicing with little waste and protects fingers with it’s generous rim. The mandoline has a secure, comfortable handle and folding leg for compact storage. Cleaning is hassle-free with the safe storage setting which covers the integrated blade edge.

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