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From discovery to production, our work as a product design company is not only exceptional and innovative, but practical. Our commitment to partnership promotes trust and confidence in decision-making. Our deep experience and expansive capabilities ensure success.

Welcome to Bally Design.

Welcome to a legacy of uncompromising innovation.

ExOne ProLine

ExOne ProLine

Translating internal innovation and forward-thinking technologies to redefine and rebrand a manufacturing product line from the ground up

Conair Group SmartFLX

Creating a more cohesive and intuitive human-machine user experience across a family of industrial products

Conair Group SmartFLX

It’s what we do

Moving from chaos to clarity, we partner with clients in the product development journey.

Design Strategy

We know excellence requires thoughtful strategy. Seeing things differently from the start. Trusting the process. Uncovering and determining the path to take.

Product Design

Through decades of acclaimed product design, we’ve never settled. We continue to lead the way in developing human-centered products and services.

Product Communication

Leveraging our expertise at the confluence of product design and creativity, we deliver high-impact marketing assets that matter.

It’s who we are

Deeply rooted in decades of product development, we are a group of product design Pittsburgh experts with over 150 years of accumulated design expertise delivering on our promises.

What Our Clients Say

I have the perfect team in front of me. There is nowhere else that I need to go

Dennis Wright, Senior Director Marketing, Omnicell

Our management was completely impressed with your team’s output in a small amount of time that allowed us to meet our targets.

Mike Nguyen, Manager Mechanical Engineering, Conair Group

This is so awesome! I really enjoyed the meeting and your creative concepts.

Ralph Beaudouin, CEO & Founder, GameChanger Analytics

I was super impressed by the concepts you presented today and how quickly you were able to pull them together. I’m excited to see where this goes!

Andrew Klein, Global Director of R&D, ExOne

GameChanger Analytics

It’s how we do it

Our process is designed to push creative boundaries, while ensuring client goals are always achieved.

The Latest

OXO Good Grips Etched Grater Wins Good Design Award

OXO Good Grips Etched Grater Wins Good Design Award

Bally Design contributed to the design of the Grater in 2019.

February 17, 2022
Bally Design featured in Business Focus Magazine

Bally Design featured in Business Focus Magazine

Bally Design client, Conair Group, recently submitted an article talking about their newest interface product, the SmartFLX…

September 1, 2021