The MSA G1 SCBA is a revolutionary, self-contained, breathing apparatus, that when worn by first responders, provides breathable air in structure fires and other immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) atmospheres.

Product Design


The G1 SCBA includes several patent pending enhanced safety features such as: a central power feature that charges the entire unit from a single battery; 360-degree “buddy lights” that provide visible indicators of critical air supply data from any angle; and improved voice amplification communications. By eliminating electronics from the face piece and integrating them into other parts of the system, the cost of the face piece is significantly reduced, allowing it to be personal-issue. The rest of the highly advanced system can be shared by firefighters between shifts. Built with integrated technology for future expansion, the G1 SCBA includes Bluetooth, RFID and more.


IDSA International Design Excellence Award 2015

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