Global safety products manufacturer MSA teamed with Bally Design to update its ratchet suspension system for industrial hard harts to improve comfort retention and stability.

Product Design


For Bally Design, the challenge was to create the most comfortable suspension by addressing common user concerns involving constant re-adjustments, pressure-point discomfort, sweatband replacement, and ease of operation with gloved or dirty hands.


In the redesigned ratchet mechanism, Bally Design created a better balance for the wearer to make smooth adjustments with an unobtrusive, easy-to-grasp knob as well as an audible “click” to signal the desired fit. The nape strap was upgraded to include three height options and a strap extension to allow greater balance and stability.

The moisture-wicking sweatband, an optional accessory, was expanded for more coverage area and to ease pressure-point discomfort. The sweatband can be attached or replaced (for laundering) without removing the suspension from the hard hat.

In addition, the suspension was redesigned to contain no metal parts and to fit MSA’s various industrial helmet styles.

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