Covestro, one of the leading suppliers of premium polymers, wanted an interactive tool for visitors to experience their innovative, conceptual products during the K Show 2022. 

We worked with three of Covestro’s divisions –automotive, electrification, and electronics— to develop these interactive visuals to showcase the possibilities of their material technology while increasing consumer engagement.

Product Design


Translating Covestro’s conceptual products into an interactive tool presented our team with a challenge, as current computer technology struggles with file sizes and the accurate visualization of advanced material properties.

To tackle these limitations, we drew on our knowledge and experience in material textures and rendering to replicate the properties of Covestro’s cutting-edge material technology in our CAD software. Then, we optimized file sizes to ensure that the interactive tool would provide a flawless user experience on many devices.


This interactive tool speaks for itself! The intuitive layout, smooth animations, and variety of product dimensions and perspectives allow clients to interact seamlessly with Covestro’s advanced material technology on a singular, easily navigable tool that has been optimized across devices.

We believe in challenging assumptions & confronting complexity with creativity