Fisher Scientific sought to update the overall aesthetics of its pH meter, Accumet, while also incorporating a completely redesigned touch screen display. To do this, the company looked to partner with a design firm to make the product easier to use and leave a smaller footprint.

Product Design


Field research led to a consistent, unified approach for designing the complete user experience including: the instruments’ enclosures, operational logic, user interface, product graphics, printed user manual, and shipping package. The Accumet touch screen display is a first in benchtop pH meters, allowing the new instruments to have a large face but take up minimum bench space. 

The new meters present more information but are easy to use for novices and experts alike, with plain language prompts facilitating even the most complex procedures without the use of a manual. The modular enclosure minimizes parts and tooling costs across seven instrument models reducing costs in tooling by 35% and in manufacturing by 10%.

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