ExOne, a global leader in industrial 3D printing systems, looked to redefine its products’ brand language from the ground up by applying industrial design principles to make its products more modern and forward thinking.

Product Design


Nowadays, 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is allowing manufacturers to produce anything and everything, all with great detail. The challenge for ExOne was being able to convey this sense of endless possibilities and advancement with its line of metal 3D printers.


To help tackle this challenge, the company approached Bally Design to apply design thinking to the external aesthetic profile of its machines, combining form with function. Through CAD and cintiq design, Bally Design defined and applied a new brand language to the ProLine 3D printers, creating assets ready to use for marketing as well as manufacturing.  

Increased product awareness and success as a result of brand differentiation. 

I never, ever need to worry about what I’ll get and am truly delighted. ExOne really needed the change. It’s setting us apart and proving very effective.

Sarah Webster, Global Marketing Director, ExOne


With a unified product brand language, ExOne has been able to experience product marketing success as its products are making lasting impressions with potential customers.

We believe in challenging assumptions & confronting complexity with creativity