Conair Group, a global leading supplier of plastic processing equipment and systems, sought to increase their market share by creating a more cohesive and user friendly line of products.  

Product Design


Conair sought to solve their users biggest needs – employee turnover, which was leading to high costs in new employee training.  With a product line developed over many years, inconsistencies in interacting with different products was leading to increased training needs and unneccesary confusion when transitioning between products during a shift.  

Developing a consistent approach to a new user interface is not an easy task, so they turned to Bally Design to partner with them through the journey.   Conair had multiple products, each with multiple user needs and screen sizes to display information.  Ultimately, they looked for us to bring a systems approach to defining the problem, the needs and ultimately the solution.   

After gaining a thorough understanding of the multiple stakeholders and their unique needs, including the software engineers who would implement the solution, we designed a screen architecture and screen approach that could address the various user needs across the multiple screen sizes. Further detailed implementation was built out for each product, to complete the family of products. Finally, the brand guide was provided in an interactive, web-based solution for the software engineers to access online, for the most up to date design information.

The result of this product-line harmonization is a family of products that are easier for users to transition between during the course of their work day, and when new employees join the team, their training burden is greatly decreased.


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