The latest technology in locomotion involved stabilizing a robot atop a moving ball, perfect for navigating around humans. Problem is, how do we make the machine seem welcoming and friendly enough for users to approach and interact with it?

Bossa Nova, in the process of developing the mObi Ballbot, looked to partner with a product design firm to better understand and improve the user-friendliness of its robotic machine.

Product Design


Bossa Nova Robotics developed mObi, the first commercially available robot using ballbot locomotive technology, to be used in a broad range of research and human-robot interaction applications. To showcase its extreme mobility and maneuverability, Bossa Nova Robotics needed the appearance of mObi to be attractive and approachable. Bally Design developed the exterior styling to present a graceful, modern appearance and appropriately complement the innovative technology.


Smith+Nephew Optimus

Robotics / Product Design

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