Design an experience.



Bally Design helps companies develop products, interfaces and experiences that delight customers.

Bally Design has a rich history of providing great product and interface design services spanning a wide range of industries. We recognize and appreciate the often-competing mix of project requirements. Ours is a collaborative, creative process that requires a clear understanding of the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders. We manage the creative process to deliver new and innovative solutions that greatly enhance the customer experience.

Founded by noted industrial designer Alex Bally, FIDSA, Bally Design has provided design services since 1972.


Create products that delight customers and dominate markets


How do you create a great digital experience?


How do you intentionally design great services that work as expected?


We work alongside you to create something amazing.

We are a multi-disciplined team of facilitators, market researchers, industrial designers, graphic designers and engineers. We approach strategic innovation, product development and process enhancement from multiple viewpoints. Each client project is a unique opportunity and we do not present solutions before clearly identifying the problems. The upfront steps we take are those of discovery and learning rather than application.



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Breaking Open a Design

The New York Times published a piece on Laura Overdeck, founder of Bedtime Math, destroying her OXO Goodgrips Eggbeater, designed right here at Bally Design.

We'll send her a replacement, just in case she decides to do another investigation.

The folks at FastCo Design also expressed their desire to own one shortly after the product came out.