Creating unique value through design.

Necessary, useful, beautiful

Well-designed and thoughtfully engineered products make memorable connections and create an experience between a brand and its customers. Even in competitive markets, when a product works great and looks great, it creates loyalty and increases market share. For over 40 years, Bally Design has been designing products that help clients expand their markets, increase their reach and energize their distribution channels. Our emphasis is on creating value not just features and benefits, so our work informs the “why” and “how” just as much as it does the “what.” We understand how product styling fits within the context of the overall product experience. From high profile consumer products to industrial products, we understand each situation has its unique challenges, and can help create a visual brand language for your products that set them apart from the crowd and give instant brand recognition.


Market insights that everyone can use

Are you getting the kind of insights from your “Voice of the Customer” program that drive groundbreaking new ideas and fill your innovation pipeline? Are your products more evolutionary or “me too”? Bally Design has been considered a pioneer in innovation research for over forty years. Research for innovation and product design doesn’t happen in a cubicle; you have to get out and “live” it. We give you the ability to capture those obvious and non-obvious customer needs then transform them into design challenges and innovation measurements that engineers, marketers and designers can leverage into break-through products. When you combine a deeper market understanding with the technical skills of your development team, you get exponentially more powerful results. True innovation is based on learning and knowing more about your customers than your competitors. Bally Design’s research method is the only one based in learning theory and it’s the key to producing the right product at the right price for the right market.

How useable is your interface?

A great-looking product interface is important but a truly great user experience is much more than pretty pixels. Combining an understanding of who uses your product, their environment, and behaviors with solid graphic design principles creates a more meaningful and intuitive user experience. Bally Design has developed a wide range of user interfaces – from a multi-product, system-wide interface platform for radiology suites to the simple dials and LED screens of an engine-drive welder. Whether you're just starting with your dream idea or on release 4.0, smart interface design can make your product or system easier, elegant, efficient, and (yes) great-looking too. Bally creates interfaces that humanize the technology.