Design an experience.



Bally Design helps companies identify growth opportunities and develop products, interfaces and experiences that delight customers.

Bally Design has a rich history of providing exceptional product design and services across a wide range of industries. And, more recently, helping companies with growth development and lean startup services.

We recognize and appreciate the often-competing mix of project requirements. Ours is a collaborative, creative process that requires a clear understanding of the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders. Drawing on strategic tools and processes, we manage the creative process to deliver new and innovative solutions that greatly enhance the customer experience.

Founded by noted industrial designer Alex Bally, FIDSA, Bally Design has been helping clients grow since 1972.

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Develop products that delight customers and dominate markets


How do you create a great digital experience?


How do you design for growth and deliver exceptional services?


We work alongside you to create something amazing.

We are a multi-disciplined team of facilitators, market researchers, industrial designers, graphic designers and engineers. We approach strategic innovation, product development and process enhancement from multiple viewpoints. Each client project is a unique opportunity and we do not present solutions before clearly identifying the problems. The upfront steps we take are those of discovery and learning rather than application.



Lessons for Innovation from 25 Years
at the Coal Face… a Fireside Chat

For a couple of years now, Bally Design's technology & innovation strategist, Dr. Peter Allen, has been asked to speak at a seminar for the ETIM program at Carnegie Mellon University. In October, he was preparing to give a seminar on project leadership when he was sent some questions by the students in advance. When he saw the questions, he decided that the seminar would focus on having an open conversation around the points that they raised. You can read his thoughts here.

Achieving Adjacency-Led Growth

Many executive teams are looking for growth beyond their core business. Leveraging existing capabilities in new ways, introducing existing technologies into new markets or using current strengths in other creative ways can generate new business. Are you making the most of your opportunities to grow? Download the latest article from Dr. Peter Allen, Bally Design's technology & innovation strategist.


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