Intern Contribution at Bally Design Proves Value

It has been a summer filled with activity, learning, and teamwork with our three interns, who have been working on projects related to Product Design and have contributed their creative ideas to our exhibitions which will be featured at our 50th Anniversary Celebration, to  be held on September 29th in our studio.

As two of our interns return to school and one enters the world of full employment with Bally Design in September, we asked them some intriguing questions about their experience with us.

Their most significant Ah-Ha moments varied.  Sam Weiser felt that every day offered an eye-blinking moment where he was open to hearing how to do things differently to make him a better designer.  Charice Peng and Car Zhang were able to take deeper dives into multiple computer and software programs to learn how to be more efficient and effective in their design work, and Charice enjoyed learning more about prototyping.

All three interns felt they learned quite a bit about the User-Centered Design process that Bally Design has honed over their many decades of design work.  Learning to ask probing questions with clients and stretching the possibilities were all part of their learning development.  They were highly impressed with our design team and realized what an efficient and effective team needs to do to operate well and deliver excellent client results.  They also felt that they were a valued part of the team and were able to bring their culture to the table to add value.  Car is from China, and he shared the effectiveness of a car grid that he saw on the streets in his hometown.  His enthusiasm and input helped team members when designing a product for one of our clients.

As other team members get hired as interns with Bally Design, they want newbies to take comfort in the fact that Bally Design is a comfortable working environment, where everyone is warmhearted and willing to teach, listen and learn from each other.

It’s a place where each individual is encouraged to challenge themselves, and the gentle nudges that help make them better designers were welcomed as it allowed them to expand their full range of potential.

All three interns had never visited Pittsburgh prior to their internship.  Some of the highlights were seeing the city from Mt. Washington, going to a Pirates game, visiting the multiple museums we have, and knowing that there is ease in walking through our town as it is easy to navigate.  Favorite food experiences included the various Mediterranean restaurants, The Pittsburgher from Primanti Brothers, and the surprisingly delicious pepperoni roll from Sheetz!

We will miss our interns and appreciate all they contributed to our company over the last three months.