A leader in precision motion control and automation technologies, Aerotech looked to redefine and redesign its automation software for its clients, with a focus on usability.

The company produces a family of precision control robotic devices and wanted to update the software used to set up and program its products.

Product Design


Unlike some simple interface design projects with few interaction used by a handful of users, the Aerotech product interface will be used by a wide range of users with many different functionalities. The challenge for Aerotech was designing an interface that is simple and easy to use while still offering extensive capabilities for its users. Simple and elegant, yet complex.

Bally Design was asked to identify and define user goals and needs and design a user interface approach that fulfilled the complex and overlapping goals of all users.

What was originally a project of creating multiple product-specific software applications, quickly turned into developing one comprehensive offering once Bally Design was able to identify and describe a comprehensive view of users’ pain points. 

[Bally Design] puts a lot of effort into making product[s] world-class, and I appreciate their effort in doing so. It is fun to work with talented people! 

Patrick Wheeler, Product Manager, Aerotech


The solution was an approachable yet sophisticated interface that allows programmers, engineers, and operators to easily navigate and operate the software.

By focusing on the users and their needs, the final approach increased usability by reducing setup and deployment time.

We believe in challenging assumptions & confronting complexity with creativity