Innovation Workshops

Bally Design offers interactive, hands-on workshops to allow organizations to foster skills for innovation. Each workshop focuses on ways to empower your team to create opportunities and develop solutions to help your business grow and succeed. Select from the list below of current Innovation Workshop offerings or suggest a workshop theme to the Bally Design team at

Be Your Customer:
Empathy Training & Customer Role-Playing

This workshop concentrates on observational techniques and empathy scenarios that enable participants to gain an understanding of their customers’ world. Download the details.

Drive Innovation with Storytelling

Participants learn how to use storytelling to better understand customer behavior, and describe and test what their customers value. In addition, these stories will bring them more input and buy-in from their teams. Download the details.

High Velocity Prototyping

Share product ideas quickly — even without drawing skills or special software. Participants work on inexpensive, fast-paced prototyping techniques coupled with scenario building to focus product development. Participants learn how to collaborate with potential customers. Download the details.

Collaborative Push Session

Go beyond the first steps. And the sketches. And the debate. Bring your team to Bally Design's studios for multi-day sessions with our researchers, designers and engineers to brainstorm ideas and solutions, and participate in hands-on prototype development and creation. Download the details.