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Farewell, Tom

Tom Kubilius was our partner, coworker, friend and mentor. His creativity, positivity, passion and leadership made us better designers and better people. We celebrate and cherish our time together; we practice all that we learned from him and we keep him in our hearts and minds always.

Fundraiser in Memory of Tom Kubilius

Lessons for Innovation from 25 Years
at the Coal Face… a Fireside Chat

For a couple of years now, Bally Design's technology & innovation strategist, Dr. Peter Allen, has been asked to speak at a seminar for the ETIM program at Carnegie Mellon University. In October, he was preparing to give a seminar on project leadership when he was sent some questions by the students in advance. When he saw the questions, he decided that the seminar would focus on having an open conversation around the points that they raised. You can read his thoughts here.

Achieving Adjacency-Led Growth

Many executive teams are looking for growth beyond their core business. Leveraging existing capabilities in new ways, introducing existing technologies into new markets or using current strengths in other creative ways can generate new business. Are you making the most of your opportunities to grow? Download the latest article from Dr. Peter Allen, Bally Design's technology & innovation strategist.