Service Design

Every service interaction is an experience. Even if what you do doesn’t involve any kind of physical product, you can still apply design thinking. You can make your organization more relevant to your customers, more focused on what they are truly seeking and better organized internally to respond to their needs.

The intentional design of experiences, people to support those experiences, communications and other tools to support a positive journey for your customer can transform your organization.

Do you understand the journey that customers take with your company?

Customer Experience

Whether it is purely digital, or a constant face-to-face interaction with your customers, they are constantly evaluating you and your organization. Are you being intentional about the journey on which you take your customers, or does it ‘just happen'? Do you thoroughly understand what it is like to interact with your organization?

If not, maybe it is time to find out and decide if it is working the way you want.

Design for Growth

Bottom and top line growth is on the lips of every executive team. Achieving these goals in an ever-changing business environment is challenging. Teams are often set up to deliver current business and therefore new opportunities get short shrift from a strategic and operational perspective.


At Bally, we have drawn together design thinking, lean startup techniques, and strategic growth tools (such as adjacency-led growth) in order to provide our clients with roadmaps for growth—from strategic investment decisions to the delivery of new products and services. Tying this disparate area together in one overall envelope, the client teams benefit from more coherent decision-making, better connection of the creative process to the needs of the business, and ultimately much greater ownership pf the new, growth areas of business.