MSA G1 SCBA Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera

Promotional video: ©MSA

The MSA G1 SCBA with Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera provides every firefighter the ability to see in dark, smoke-filled environments, aiding in the speed and effectiveness of an operation.

Visibility is provided through a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) that is directly integrated into the G1 SCBA Control Module, eliminating the need to carry an additional piece of bulky equipment, as well as the concern of a snag hazard. Other benefits of the Integrated TIC include using the G1 integrated rechargeable battery, a large clear LCD screen, and the ability to have the TIC come on automatically when the G1 SCBA is powered up.

In cooperation with MSA, Bally Design led the overall industrial design effort to develop a product aesthetic that fit with MSA’s G1 SCBA brand language — including ergonomic studies, component placement in relation to the firefighter’s hand position, and screen angle. Concepts were evaluated with extensive user testing involving multiple scenarios and prototypes. Final conceptual prototypes were introduced at the 2016 FDIC International trade show. Today, the MSA G1 SCBA Integrated TIC is the only full-color display control module available on the market.

Photo credit: ©MSA

Promotional video: ©MSA